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I am a Professor of Math and Statistics with a PhD in Computer Engineering and Applied Math and Stats, an MS in Computer Science, an MS in Education, and a BA in Mathematics. I have been teaching for 24 years and have worked in Industry for 10.

I also contract to develop learning resources and instructional videos. My areas of focus are mathematics (through the Master level), Statistics (applied, graduate, and undergraduate), IT, and Computer Science (including Analysis of Algorithms, Discrete Math, and Formal Languages).

I can create videos for most topics/goals and I do travel as needed.

To view my style and comments: YouTube Channel: ProfessorAmiGates

If you are interested in contracting my services or proposing a project, please contact me at:


A.M. Gates, Ph.D.


To Educators:

My only request is that if you use any of my Videos, Tutorials, or Resources, that you properly reference them and invite your students to visit my site or YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channel: ProfessorAmiGates

If there is something that you need for your class that is not here, let me know by posting your request in the request area on my Google+ Community.


Dr. A.M. Gates

Thanks and Enjoy!

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