Dr. Ami Gates CV



Doctor of Philosophy Computer Engineering University of Florida, Dec. 2008 (GPA 3.7)

Dissertation Publication: State of the Art Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using a Novel Two-Stage Alignment and Machine Learning Method Focus: Machine learning, data mining, big data, high dimensional data, pattern classification, support vector machines, Hilbert Space, PCA, clustering, bioinformatics, biological data analysis and prediction. http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UFE0023862/00001

Service & Awards:

  • University of Florida Presidential Recognition Award
  • University of Florida Graduate Fellow and TA
  • Computer Science Graduate Student Organization President
  • Industrial Advisory Board Graduate Representative
  • Woman in Engineering ACM Speaker
  • Children’s Cancer Volunteer


Related Additional Graduate Courses:

Graduate Statistics

  • STA 6166 Statistical Methods I (SAS/SPSS) (4 hours)
  • STA 6167 Statistical Methods II (SAS/SPSS) (4 hours)
  • STA 6329 Statistics and Linear Algebra (2 hours)
  • MAA 6236 Mathematical Analysis for Statistics (3 hours)
  • STA 6326 Theoretical Statistics I (3 hours)
  • MAT689 Probability and Statistics (3 hours)
  • EME 6405 Educational Technology in Teaching
  • BIST 510 Adv. Probability Theory (and applications in bioinformatics) (3 hours)
  • BIST 515 R and SAS Programming for Data Analysis (2 hours)

Additional Graduate Biochemistry

  • BCH 6206 Advanced Metabolism
  • BCH 6415 Advanced Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BCH 6156 Research Methods in Biochemistry
  • BCH 6296 Advanced Topics in Metabolic Control
  • BCH 6936 Biochemistry Seminar


Master of Science in Mathematics and Education. Nova Southeastern University, 1997

Thesis: Teacher-Student Communication-Based Pedagogy on Raising Community College Students’ Preparatory Mathematics Scores. Focus: Adaptive Learning Methods, Experiential Learning, Pedagogy, Analytics. Award: Nova SE University Alumni Honors Award for Outstanding Educational Intervention

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics. Florida Atlantic University, 1991, GRE Quant Score: 760


A. Gates, “State of the Art Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using a Novel Two-Stage Alignment and Machine Learning Method” Dissertation Publication: University of Florida Library, 2008

Bolton, P. Gader, and A. Gates, “Embedding Multiple Instances: Applications to Hyperspectral Image Analysis”, Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Hyperspectral Image Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing, Gainesville, 2013

Hohensee, L. Johnson, A. Gates, “Leveraging Google Apps to Enhance Online Learning in Mathematics”, American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges, 2014

A Gates, A. & Bolton, J. (2015). The Effectiveness of Twitter as an Adjunctive Pedagogical Tool for Online Statistics Education: An Empirical Study. In Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2015 (pp. 2834-2840). Chesapeake, VA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE/SITE).

A. Gates, “Methods of Statistical Analysis Using Google Form Data and Excel”, Center for Teaching and Learning Conference, Kaplan University, 2014

A. Gates, R. Lockwood, “Methods and Perceptions of Grading: A Balanced Approach”, Kaplan General Education Conference, 2014

Bolton, A. Gates, “Utilizing Google+ and Google Sites for Improved Course Leadership, Mentorship, and Collaboration”, Kaplan Virtual Education Conference, 2014

A. Gates, “eBook: (MOOT) Video and Visual Textbook for Introduction to Statistics”, http://www.mathandstatistics.com/introduction-to-statistics-video-moot, 2014

A. Gates, “The Future of Learning and Teaching Math and Statistics: A Video is Worth 1000 Pages”, Center of Teaching and Learning Educational Conference, 2012

A. Gates and T. Kelley, “Step Ahead with Pre-Term Proactive Outreach: Getting Learners Ready for Day 1”, Center of Teaching and Learning Educational Conference, 2012

A. Gates and M. Lis, “Preterm Outreach and the Instructor Live Binder (ILB) Initiative” Virtual General Education Conference Innovative Strategies, 2013

A. Gates, “Statistics Education: Directed Personalized Learning with Video-Supported Interactive Google Forms”, Kaplan General Education Conference, 2016

Invited Speaker Series: Kaplan University, “The Development and Utilization of Google Communities in Faculty Support and Professional Development”, A. Gates, 2015

Session Host: Kaplan General Education Conference 2015

Session Host: Kaplan General Education Conference 2016



List of Courses developed and taught over the last 15 years:

Introduction to Statistics Discrete Math
Mathematical Probability &Statistics (R, SAS) Linear Algebra
Graduate Applied Statistics (SPSS) Algebra and Trigonometry
Applied Statistics for Health and Social Science (graduate) Number Theory (Matlab)
Introduction to CISE/IT/Programming (Python, C++, JavaScript, HTML) Operating Systems
Formal Languages and Automata Theory Software Engineering
Analysis of Algorithms Database (SQL)
Calculus 1 – 3 (including multi-variable)


Visiting Research Scientist with SMART Group: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: 2015 – current

Research Projects

               Project 1: The utilization of independent component analysis methodologies, combined with the exploitation of information gained from potential brain homotopy and symmetries, in the design and development of a novel gICA method (H-gICA). This project focused on the development of a new group ICA approach, Homotopic Group ICA (H-gICA), for use on blind source separation of resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. Brain functional homotopy is the high degree of synchrony in spontaneous activity which exists between geometrically corresponding inter-hemispheric regions. The project utilized information intrinsic to brain homotopy to advance network estimates and discover, as well as computational efficiency.

RE: http://www.smart-stats.org/


Manuscript: In Progress 2016 Juemin Yang, Ani Eloyan, Ami Gates, Anita Barber, Mary Beth Nebel, Stewart Mostofsky, James Pekar, Ciprian Crainiceanu, Brian Caffo. “Homotopic Group ICA for Multi-Subject Brain Imaging Data”,



Adjunct Professor of Computer Science: Georgetown University, Washington DC: 2015-            

                                                    Instruction and Development

  • Introduction to Internet Technology and Computer Science (COSC 010)
    • JavaScript and HTML
    • Internet Technologies, Google Apps
    • Intro to Programming Concepts
    • Intro to Web development
    • Cloud-based Sharing and Embedding
    • Video Production, and Screencasting methods (Debut/YouTube)
    • Computer Organization and History
    • Computer Security, Ethics, and ADA


Professor of Mathematics and Statistics and Lead Statistician: Kaplan University Online: 2011-            


  • Graduate Applied Statistics for Psychology and Social Science Research (SPSS)
  • Undergraduate Statistics

Course Development

  • Graduate Applied Statistics for Psychology and Social Science Research with SPSS (eCollege) (SME)
  • Statistics with Excel (eCollege) (SME)

Leadership & Service

  • Course Lead: Statistics
  • New Faculty Mentor
  • Publication and Presentation Committee Leader


Innovation and Research

  • Data-driven decision making and educational data analysis to support online environment improvement and personalized learning.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning Research: data-driven research to support and promote professional development and community.
  • Advancement of learning methods that promote diversity and support success.


Faculty Development and Support

  • Development and management of the Kaplan Publication Group, a support and team-building g+ Community to facilitate and promote publication and presentation partnerships and activity.
  • Development and facilitation of the Statistics Community, a support and team-building g+ Community to support statistics instruction, advanced pedagogical methods, and collaboration among colleagues.


Course Consultant and Developer: University of Florida: (six-month contract 2012)

Development of CGS 2531: Problem Solving Using Computer Software

  • Interviews and incorporation of all stakeholder requirements/concerns
  • Course architecture, curriculum design and development, content
  • Acquisition and incorporation of technologies: MyItLab, Sakai, Canvas, LMS
  • Clarification and reservation of facilities, labs, and student support services


Instructor: University of Florida: (2003 – 2008)

  • Discrete Math
  • Mathematical Statistics and Probability
  • Operating Systems
  • Intro to IT/CISE


Professor and Course Developer: Capella University Online (WebCT): 2003 – 2013

Faculty Mentor

       Instruction and Development                             

  • Statistics
  • Discrete Math
  • Computer Software Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Networking


Senior Full-time Lecturer Computer Science Dept.: Florida Atlantic University: 2000-2002

Instruction and Development

  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Formal Languages and Computation Theory
  • Database (Pro*C, SQL, Oracle 9i)
  • Software Engineering
  • Internet Programming (XHTML/DHTML,CSS, XML, XSL, JavaScript, Perl/CGI)


Mathematics and Statistics Full-time Lecturer: Nova Southeastern University: 1997-1999

Instruction and Development

  • Statistics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Analysis of Calculus
  • History of Math
  • Linear Algebra
  • Number Theory


Welfare to Work Program Santa Fe College Gainesville: 1994 – 1999

  • Award: Teacher Recognition Award-Mathematics Santa Fe Community College
  • Highest student success rate
  • Highest overall student graduate rate



Languages and Apps:

C/C++/some C#/.net Debut/YouTube: Video Production and Screencasting (as well as Jing)
R, SAS, SPSS Abobe for Synchronous remote learning
Matlab Development in LMS: BlackBoard, eCollege, WebCT, Moodle, Sakai, Canvas
Perl Visual Basic
Python JavaScript, HTML/DHTML/CSS/WP/Web Dev.
SQL  Mobile Development


Technical Trainer and Multidepartment Project Manager:   Acquinity Interactive, Inc.   2012 Contract              

  • C#/.Net, SQL,Python/ IronPython
  • Technical training
  • Technical writing
  • Technical, code, and framework documentation
  • Instructional video production

Project Manager: Mathematician, Researcher, IT, Web Development and Software Consultant: Mitsubishi Power Systems: 2001 Contract


  • Database analysis and development (Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, XML)
    • Performance Tuning on 35 million inserts per day into Oracle database. Fine tuned SQL statements and processing to allow fast retrieval of data without affecting the insertion and deletion speed.
    • Real-time data flow analysis of database with 24/7/365 uptime. Performed statistical analysis of every critical point of data flow.
  • Numerical and statistical analysis (prediction analysis, pattern analysis, assessment)
    • Created graphical Java/Swing applets integrated with PL/SQL to dynamically generate radar charts, 3D bar graphs, line graphs, scatter plots based on real-time streaming data from Oracle Database.
  • Web and graphical development (Perl, Java, JavaScript, Flash, C++)
    • Development of Mitsubishi’s dynamic website using Oracle Portal, JavaScript, DHTML menus, Oracle Portal SSO, Java graphing applets.
    • Developed Mitsubishi Power System’s commercial website using PL/SQL, DHTML, XML, Java servlets, JSP.
      • Management and Integration
  • Multiple departmental specification integration
  • International cooperation and coordination
  • Team management


Software Engineer and Web Developer: Citrix Systems (2000 Contract)

  • Global Engineering web site design and development.
    • Developed for the design of internal / external company web pages, including graphics, animation and functionality.
    • Developed web page infrastructure and applications related to pages with more advanced graphics and features.
    • Maintenance of web server and site technical performance.
    • Developed, accessed and communicated web site usage and security policies and standards
    • Perl, CGI, DHTML/CSS, JavaScript, ASP, XML/XSL. Citrix MetaFrame 2.0, Nfuse 1.8, MS Windows NT Server 3.51& 4.0,MS SQL, MS Visual Basic, ASP, MS IIS, Active-x, ADO, RDBMS design



Languages and Tools: R, Matlab, SPSS, SAS, Excel, C, C++, C#/.Net, Java, Perl, Python, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, ProC for Oracle, Visual Basic, SQL, XML/XSL

Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows

Educational Apps and Platforms: BlackBoard9, MyPath, CR3, eCollege, WebCT, Moodle, Pearson MyMathLab/MyStatLab/MyItLab, ALEKS, Debut/YouTube, Jing/Screencast, Sakai, MS Office, Adobe Connect, Breeze, Google Apps and Docs



  • 2016 General Education Promotion and Information Video Award Kaplan University
  • 2015 Kaplan Scholarship Award Nominee
  • 2015 Kaplan Faculty Spotlight for Excellence
  • Outstanding Full Time Faculty Member for the School of General Education Kaplan 2014
  • 2012-2013 Educator of the Year Finalist in the category of Instruction (1 of 613)
  • New Teacher of the Year Award Kaplan 2012
  • Nova Southeastern University Alumni Honors Award
  • Teacher Recognition Award-Mathematics Santa Fe Community College
  • Colorado Technical University “The Student Comes First” Award
  • Colorado Technical University “Special Achievement Award”
  • Colorado Technical University “Faculty Service Award”
  • Westwood College Distinguished Faculty Award
  • Westwood Faculty of the Year Award
  • Nova Southeastern University Alumni Honors Award for Outstanding Educational Intervention
  • University of Florida Presidential Recognition Award
  • Outstanding Student in Mathematics Award
  • Outstanding Student in Science Award





Upon Request


  • R Programming Coursera Certificate with Distinction 2015
  • CTL 026: Adaptive Learning 2014
  • Kaplan Training: Diversity 2014
  • CTL025 Measuring Student Performance 2014
  • CTL 028 Learning Management Systems and Professional Competency 2014
  • ADJ221 Rubric Utilization Workshop 2014
  • Kaplan Training: Motivating by Appreciation 2014
  • ADJ220 Fostering Effective Online Student Discussion Areas 2013
  • ADJ130 Utilization of Online Learning Resources 2013
  • Using Adobe for Education 2013
  • ETS 160 Approaches to Teaching and Learning and Designing Online Classes 2013
  • CTL 018 LOM Implementation Training 2013
  • CTL 019 Utilization of Digital Textbooks Online 2013
  • Kaplan Training: Teaching and Learning Online: Workshop for Designing and Teaching Online Classes 2012
  • Kaplan Training: Creating Multimedia Objects for Online Learning 2012
  • Kaplan Training: Constructivist Learning in Higher Education: Decreasing Students’ Cognitive Conflict While Increasing Learner Reflection and Peer Interaction 2012
  • ED 102 and RT 101 Student Retention Methods in Online Learning 2011
  • PD 101, 102, 103: Teaching Online 2011
  • ALEKS Training 2011


  • American Statistical Association (ASA)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)